Wood Art Adds Unique Beauty to Country Décor

3D wood arts give your decor a new perspective









Spring cleaning has been a tradition in many households for years. The practice of getting rid of old or unused things and sweeping out dirt and cobwebs that have accumulated over the long winter is meant to bring a fresh new start indoors the way that spring weather does outdoors. But sometimes a cleaning job alone isn’t enough. In order to truly brighten up your home, you might want to consider updating your country décor with new and unique items.

You probably already have some paintings or photographs hanging in your home. Whether they have special meaning or you just like the way they look, you know how much difference a favorite picture can make to the appearance of a room. Wood art has a similar effect, especially when it’s handmade. Owl Sitting in an Evergreen Tree is a handcrafted piece made with layers of various natural woods, creating a three-dimensional effect that sets it apart from traditional paintings, prints and photos. The rustic image of a brown and white owl perched on an evergreen branch is great for decorating any room in your lodge, cabin or country home.

Whatever room you hang it in, three-dimensional wood art brings a touch of the wilderness to your rustic décor. By starting with an irregularly shaped backing piece, the artists who create pieces like Owl Sitting in an Evergreen Tree lay the foundation for a unique work of art that’s perfect for giving your home the new look you want this spring. Shades of red, brown and green work together in the piece, mirroring colors found in nature to add realism to the scene. Natural wood grain accents each piece of wood for added texture that helps bring depth to the image.

3D wood arts can do just that

This spring, consider going beyond simple housecleaning. By adding new and interesting artwork to your home, you can brighten up the appearance of any room and bring new life to your country décor. Plus you’ll have a unique piece of art that you can enjoy no matter what the season.

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